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Back To BASICS: “S” – Supplement Tips for YOU



Back To BASICS: Supplementing For YOU | Reflex Supplements

We’re back with the third instalment of our Back to BASICS series with Team Reflex member Brittney Ward, where she shares her tips for helping you create a supplement plan that’s right for, well, you.

If you’ve been following along, Brittney has already shared her simple and approachable tips for eating better, and hitting the gym hard.

Whether you are just starting on your health journey, or training for a show, supplements play a major role in helping you reach your health and fitness goals. But with so many on the market it’s hard to know where to start.

What supplements should you take? Here’s Brittney’s tips on creating a supplement plan that’s right for YOU.


Supplement Tip #1: Start with a Feeling

How are you feeling? Do you have energy to spare, or do you hit a mid-day slump? Are you training hard each day, or finding it hard to recover from an intense workout? Have you been eating clean, or indulging in a few too many nights out?

Thinking about how you feel throughout the day (when you wake up, mid-day, pre/post workout, and sleep quality) is a great place to start to identify any potential ‘weak’ areas you may need to address with supplements.


Supplement Tip #2: Know YOUR Goals

Now you’ve identified how you feel, it’s time to create a clear idea of what YOUR health and fitness goals are. Are you looking to detoxincrease muscle mass or lean outMaybe it’s get more energy, or support recovery so you can train harder.

You don’t need every supplement on the market. It’s better for your body (and your wallet) to focus on achieving a specific health goal and create a plan that works synergistically to support that.


Supplement Tip #3: Work with a Professional

If you want the best results, be sure to ask the professionals at your local health store! Not every product you see advertised is required for you to achieve your goals, and not every product you see working for someone else will be effective for you.

Working with a pro helps you really refine what you should be taking to best serve your body and budget. They have great insights on what brands you can trust, and when and how you should be taking each supplement.

Another advantage to working with a pro? Supplements have real effects on your body and can interact with each other or other medications that you may be taking. You don’t want to take the wrong combination of supplements, or choose something that has a negative impact on your health.



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