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Let’s be honest… we are all looking for those tips and tricks on how to shed some of those extra quarantine pounds and get fit fast! Summer is here and it’s a great time to switch up your normal routine. The motivation of baring more skin, plus the ability to take your fitness outdoors, or on the road means getting creative, and pushing your limits in new ways.

Whether you’ve been doing the same routine for a few months, or just looking for some fresh ideas, we went to #TeamReflex Ambassador, Kristen Schierer for her tops tips to get fit fast. Over to you, Kristen!


Along with daily exercise, getting fit fast isn’t just moving your body, but also a well-balanced diet, enough water intake and getting an appropriate amount of sleep so your body can recover. I am going to focus on some of my favourite exercises that will amplify weight loss and a couple supplements I recommend adding to your routine.


Tip #1 – Get Off the Cardio Machine

My first tip is to urge people to get off the cardio machine! Many beginners or people starting back up at the gym waste their time on cardio equipment. Don’t get me wrong, cardio has amazing benefits and we want to keep our hearts healthy, but it is not what you should be focusing on coming out of the gate.


Tip #2 – Focus On Compound Exercises

Where should your focus be? Weight training! More specifically, compound exercises. This is because they are an efficient use of your time. Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Here are three, “go-to”, compound exercises for you to add into your routine:


  1. Deadlifts: Targets the hamstrings, glutes, lats, core, upper abs, lower back and forearms.

The deadlift is a full body movement focusing on the hamstrings and glutes. The deadlift, when done with proper form, is beneficial for your daily movements such as bending over and picking something up and improving your posture.


  1. Squats: Whether it’s bodyweight or you’re adding weight, a squat will work your glutes, quads, calves, core stabilizers and posterior chain.

While you’re building up your lower body power when preforming a squat, you not only enhance ankle and hip mobility, but squatting helps reduce the chance of injury during our everyday activities. Plus, with many variations of a squat, you will never get bored.


  1. Push-Ups: Work very well for pectoral muscles, arms, shoulders, and core but your glutes and legs play a role in keeping your body stabilized and level through the entire movement.

Push-ups are the ultimate challenge when perfecting form, one can spot and/or feel poor body awareness when preforming a push-up. If you are a beginner to push-ups, start by doing them against a wall from a standing position. Simply pushing off of the wall slowly in a controlled movement. Once you gain confidence and it becomes easier, you can move onto push-ups from the ground on your knees. Finally, once this becomes easier, then conducting classic push-ups is in order.


Performing compound exercises will be the key to dropping bodyfat and increasing lean muscle mass as quickly as possible simply because these exercises need to recruit the power of multiple muscle groups, therefore boosting metabolic rate at a faster and more pronounced level. Being consistent in terms of incorporating compound exercises into your workout regimen will be a key factor in determining the length of time that it will take to achieve your desired fitness level.


Tip #3 – Supplement When Necessary

Finally, it is important to add in that there are some supplements that can help to speed up your journey to get fit fast. Sipping on an amino acid drink while working out will improve muscle recovery and support fat loss. In addition, having a post-workout protein shake is a great way to provide your muscles with the nourishment that they need to repair, especially in the hours proceeding your exercise session. Studies show that increased protein intake immediately post-workout is directly related to improved muscle tone and a leaner physique.


Need a little more? Don’t miss our Get Shredded Guide or visit us in store and have a chat with one of our experts for more tips. We can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram. We are #ReflexNation.


About Your Author:

Screen-Shot-2020-08-12-at-3 20 53-PM

Kristen Schierer, is an OG ambassador with #TeamReflex, a Certified Personal Trainer and a general health & fitness enthusiast from Langley, BC.

If you have any fitness questions, be sure to reach out to Kristen via Instagram.

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