Outdoor Fitness Routines with #TeamReflex

Train Outdoors like #TeamReflex

Are you tired of doing workout videos in your living room or lacing up your shoes to pound the pavement, yet again? It can be challenging to find the motivation to stay active when we don’t enjoy what we are doing. Discovering new and fun ways to move our bodies is a great way to challenge ourselves not only physically, but also mentally. If you are stuck in a workout rut or are ready to shake up your regular routine, we’ve got you covered! We asked three of our #TeamReflex Ambassadors to share their favourite outdoor fitness routines, which have been designed with minimal equipment. No matter what your current skill level is, you can modify the drills where necessary and go at your own pace.


1. STAIR WORKOUT // Melanie Jordet

Medicine Hat, AB // @mel.j.fitness

Train Outdoors like #TeamReflex

This is a leg-burning workout that can be completed with nothing but a few flights of stairs. If you live in a building with a set of stairs, you’re in luck! Otherwise, head to a local school or park and get ready to sweat.

Equipment: Stairs (ideally 3 sets)
Time: 30-45 minutes

Warm Up: Run 0.5km


1. Run down 3 sets, up 2, down 2, up 1, down 1 (finish at the bottom of the stairs)
2. Run up 3 sets, down 2, up 2, down 1, up 1 (top), down 3 sets to the bottom
3. Run up, skipping 1 stair between each step all the way to the top, then run to the bottom
4. Walking lunges (30/side)
5. Run up all 3 sets, run down
6. Jump squats up all 3 sets, run down
7. Side Lunges up all 3 sets, run down 

Repeat for a total of 30-45 minutes.


2. PARK WORKOUT // Brett Hansen

Calgary, AB // @thehulkhansen

Train Outdoors like #TeamReflex

This next routine is a full body blast; 8 intervals, 30 seconds each, performed in a superset (without rest). Complete the circuit 5 times, taking 1 minute of rest between each superset. Finish off with a 4-minute sprint Tabata.

Equipment: Park Benches or Picnic Table
Time: 30 minutes

1. Box Jumps (maximum effort on vertical)
2. Split Squats (each leg)
3. Deep Squat Hold
4. Bench Push Up (hands on bench for easier version, feet on bench for added difficulty)
5. Inverted Row (from under table)
6. Plank Ups (feet on bench for added difficulty)
7. Mountain Climbers

60 seconds rest, 5 rounds.

4 Minute Sprint Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)


3. FIELD WORKOUT // Jamel Lyles

Surrey, BC // @jamellyes22

Train Outdoors like #TeamReflex

Our last workout requires a little more skill, time, and equipment if you have it, but don’t let that scare you. This field workout is sure to kick your butt through the goalposts!

Equipment: Resistance bands (small and large), dumbbells, gliders
Time: 90 minutes

General Warm Up: 10-minute jog

Mobility (10 each)
1. Seated 90/90 hip drop
2. Hip shifts – come into a deep squat and hold with elbows inside knees, rock side to side
3. Lunge + torso rotation
4. Hip circles

1. 15 x banded glute bridge
2. 15 x clam shell (per side)
3. 5 x reverse lunge (per side)
4. 15 x banded hip hinge: stand with feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands on your hip bones. Keeping a soft bend in the knees, slowly hinge at the hips to bring your chest parallel with the ground. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. Drive your hips forward to stand up tall, squeezing your glutes at the top of the range of motion.
5. 15 x band pull aparts: hold a band at approximately shoulder width with palms facing up. Tighten abdominals throughout the movement. Keep your arms straight throughout the movement. Execution: retract your shoulders and spread the band apart.
6. 15 x scapula push up: assume a pushup position. Keep your arms straight and carefully slide your shoulder blades inward towards each other, then outwards away from each other.

Dynamic Stretch (10 yards)
1. Jog + Carioca + Shuffle
2. 5 x inch worm
3. 10 x walking lunge (each leg)
4. 5 x low shuffle (each direction)
5. 10 x leg swings (each leg)

Speed Drills (approx. 10 yards x 3)
1. A Skip: skip forward, lifting your lead knee to waist height while keeping your back leg straight as you come off your toe. Continue moving forward in this manner (alternating legs) and striking the ground with your mid-foot or forefoot while swinging your opposite arm in unison with your lead leg.
2. B Skip: this is just like the “A” skip, except after you drive the knee up, extend the knee. Knee extension happens passively as you snap the leg back down with your glutes and hamstrings, pawing your foot to the ground.
3. High Knees

1. 5 x 10 10 yards with push up start
2. 5 x 50 yards
3. 2 x 100 yards

Lift: If you have access to them, add weights or resistance bands where possible for added difficulty
1. Squats (5 x 20)
2. Single arm dumbbell row (3 x 8-12)
3. Banded hip hinge or RDL with dumbbells- see warm up “banded hip hinge” for cues (2 x 8)
4. ½ kneel dumbbell overhead press (3 x 10)
5. Ab rollout (hands on a glider) (3 x 8)
6. Bicep curl (4 x 20)
7. Close grip push up (4 x 10)


Are you planning on giving one of these routines a try? Do you have a favourite workout routine that works for you?  Let us know what has helped you by tagging us @reflexsupplements on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ReflexNation to keep us in the know.

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