Meet Mickey Meh

Meet Mickey MehMeet Micky Meh. A national level bodybuilder, located in Surrey, BC, and new member of Team Reflex. Always active, he played sepak takraw (a form of kick volleyball popular in Asia) and rugby growing up, competing as a winger for the Surrey Beavers.

In 2015 Micky won the championship title in the BC Provincials Lightweight Bodybuilding division. We sat down with Micky to go behind the scenes to find out what keeps him motivated, inspired, and (of course) fueled.


What’s your sport of choice?



What is your best ‘high-five’ moment that you achieved in your sport?

My best ‘high-five’ moment was when I won 3rd place at the 2016 Canadian Nationals. 


What or who would you say is your biggest motivation that helps you achieve your best?:

I always strive to do my best and knowing that I can always do better keeps me motivated. My training partner, Irene Aya, helps me stay on track and motivated throughout my prep.


How would you say you motivate others to achieve their best?

Most of the people that I interact with know that I put in 100% whether it’s in or out of the gym. I always try to help when someone asks me for tips with bodybuilding or workout in general.


What’s your favourite post-workout indulgence?

I always have rice and chicken followed by a nice hot shower.


What’s one supplement that’s always in your cupboard?

All Day You May BCAA, by Richard Piana 5% Nutrition 


What’s your ‘dream big’ goal that you hope to achieve?

My goal is to become a Pro-Bodybuilder.

For more motivation and insider tips be sure to follow Micky on Instagram, and of course if you have a question for one of our ambassadors don’t be shy. Ask away on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We are #ReflexNation.


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