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Meet Team Reflex Member Nicki Dery


Nicki Dery | Team Reflex

From horse jumping and dressage, to dance, basketball, volleyball and track and field, competitive sport has always been a part of Nicki Dery’s life.

In 2012 Nicki began competing as a figure athlete, where she took 3rd in the Western Canadians. From that point she was hooked. Seeing measurable, physical results after dedicating yourself to training hard and eating healthy is what keeps her pushing forward.

As a heavy equipment operator working on a 10 on/10 off work rotation, finding the motivation to hit the gym after a long shift is what makes Nicki so inspiring.

We asked Nicki a few questions to find out what motivates her to keep working hard and training harder.



What’s your sport of choice?

Bodybuilding. I’m a national level figure athlete


What or who would you say is your biggest motivation that helps you achieve your best?

I am by far my own biggest opponent! I’m always striving to beat myself mentally and physically -push harder, lift heavier and always looking for little ways to make improvements regularly.

The hardest part about this sport is to keep enduring week after week, year after year. Comparing my progression photos and stage shots, and seeing how I stack up against other athletes in my classes and divisions keeps me focused pushing forward!

My amazingly supportive boyfriend is always by my side as well, helping me and challenging me. I consider him my rock, and my shoulder to lean on!


How would you say you help others to achieve their best?

By keeping myself on track, and leading by example. I’m always open if anyone has questions for me and I always try to maintain a positive attitude!


What’s your favourite post-workout indulgence?

If I have a really hard leg day, or even if my body’s just craving a break, I will drive an hour to the Banff Hot Springs and just soak for hours on end – it’s well worth the drive!

I also love a really good cheese burger, but it needs to be an epic one, not just a McDonald’s burger.


What’s the one supplement that’s always in your cupboard?

I can’t choose just one! ALMAX Amino Core, DYMATIZE ISO 100 and Glutamine, CLA, L-carnitine, and a good pre-workout.


What’s your ‘dream big’ goal that you hope to achieve?

IFBB Figure PRO CARD!!!!


For more inspiration and tips for training hard, be sure to follow Nicki on Instagram, or get social with us and the rest of #TeamReflex on Facebook and Instagram. We are #ReflexNation.

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