Meet Mackenzie Dawson-Agnew

Meet Mackenzie Dawson-agnewFrom an autoimmune disease, to a previous addiction, to excessive exercising, Team Reflex Member Mackenzie Dawson-Agnew doesn’t let past experiences hold her back.

Instead of living in the negative, she uses those experiences to inspire others, and drive her passions both in the sport of bodybuilding and as she works her way through med school

We sat down with Mackenzie to find out more about what drives her, pushes her and keeps her motivated with everything she has going on.



Mackenzie Dawson – Agnew


What’s your sport of choice?



What is your best ‘high-five’ moment that you achieved in your sport?


Reaching my goal weight of 115 pounds!! It took me a LONG time, a lot of work, and tons of nutritious food to go from a string-bean to a muscular physique.


What or who would you say is your biggest motivation that helps you achieve your best?


I think everyone gets pumped up from seeing videos or photos of their favorite athletes, but my greatest motivation comes from my previous health issues. I have an autoimmune disease that I luckily caught early on in my life, so I always start my days and my workouts with thanking the Universe for blessing me with a healthy enough body so that I am able to do what I love each day.

Although my health still affects my day to day life, I am always grateful that I am healthy enough to be active and live a beautiful life. When I am having a hard day or feeling a bit down I reflect on no matter how horrible my situation is, it could ALWAYS be much worse!


How would you say you motivate others to achieve their best?


My biggest aspiration in life is to be a light in this world. To do this I try and let only love and joy radiate from me onto the people around me. If I see something beautiful in someone- I speak it, if I notice someone is looking upset- I acknowledge them and tell them that they are appreciated.


What’s your favourite post-workout indulgence?


As gross as it may sound, I ALWAYS put my protein powder in a damp shaker cup so that the next morning after my workout I can enjoy a CHUNKY protein shake! The lumpier the protein shake the better! I look forward to it after a killer workout!


What’s one supplement that’s always in your cupboard?

I could not go a day with Perfect Sport’s Diesel Protein! With being Celiac, I am VERY limited to what I can put into my body! This protein is FANTASTIC for quick recovery AND is accepted by my picky body This proves just how clean this protein really is.


What’s your ‘dream big’ goal that you hope to achieve?

My two biggest goals right now are to graduate Med school at the top of my class and to compete in a fitness competition in the near future!

For more motivation and insider tips be sure to follow Mackenzie on Instagram, and of course if you have a question for one of our ambassadors don’t be shy. Ask away on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We are #ReflexNation.

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