Meet #TeamReflex Member Harj Hardini

Meet #teamreflex Member Harj Hardini

International bikini competitor. Entrepreneur. Mom: Harj Hardini does it all. As a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and founder of Skinny Roti, Harj has helped to transform 100’s of bodies through her 28 Day challenges.  “I teach and preach not to diet but to eat more food in the correct portions and specific times”,  says Harj, “rebuilding and repairing your metabolisms is my only goal. Weight loss happens as a result.” Her approach with clients is to help create a lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, training and supplements, that gets results. 

We sat down with Harj to find out a few things about this powerhouse does it all.



Harj Hadani


What’s Your Sport of Choice?


I am an internationally qualified bikini competitor competing in the IFBB, CBBF, and NPC bodybuilding federations.


What’s your best ‘high-five’ moment?


Top 5 finish at the North American Championships


What would you say is your biggest motivation?


My kids. I sit back and watch them and think of their future, and that keeps me going.


What is your favourite post-workout indulgence?


Post workout I love a big bowl of cream of rice with 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 tsp almond butter, and frozen berries. All mixed together it’s delicious and the perfect balance of macros to replenish muscles post workout.


What is the one supplement that is always in your cupboard?


Protein powder. As a mom and entrepreneur, protein shakes are a must for me, and I need my protein on the go a lot. Probiotics are also very important in keeping my gut healthy as I believe that all disease stems from an unbalanced gut.


What’s your dream big goal that you are hoping to achieve?


My “dream big” goal to achieve is changing lives, helping people, educating people. I want to make a real change in the quality of life of my clients, help control diet related diseases and mostly spread the word that gimmick diets do so much harm, causing lifelong health issues. It’s not worth it, I want to educate people on eating whole foods and not dieting ever again!!


Want more inspiration from Harj? Be sure to follow her on Instagram or check out her blog Skinny RotiOf course you can check out the rest of #TeamReflex via our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. We are #ReflexNation. 

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