Get to Know #TeamReflex Member Natalie Amoore

Get To Know #teamreflex Member Natalie Amoore

Meet the motivated multitasker, Natalie Amoore. She is a recent UBC grad, weight training athlete, and now a new member of Team Reflex! As a natural born athlete, Natalie lives an active lifestyle outside of the gym, whether it be horseback riding, or playing beach volleyball with her friends. She is passionate about the importance of positivity in life and finds enjoyment in painting and photography.

We sat down with Natalie to hear a bit more about what motivates her to work hard, and how she juggled the busy life of a student with her extra hobbies.


What’s your sport of choice?

Weight Training


What is your best ‘high-five’ moment that you achieved in your sport?

Placing Top 10 at the 2016 BC Provincials


What or who would you say is your biggest motivation that helps you achieve your best?

What: The competitive edge instilled in me since being an athlete my entire life

Who: My coach, Jameson Wolff.


How would you say you motivate others to achieve their best?

Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life – there is SO MUCH to be happy about, focus on the good! By consistently sharing my journey with the world, I am able to show them that it takes time and hard work day in and day out to achieve your goals – it doesn’t happen overnight! So let’s chase our goals together, and the rest will be history!


What’s your favourite post-workout indulgence?

That would have to be my protein waffles! Made with Magnum Quattro, and topped with yogurt, berries, and light cool whip.


What’s one supplement that’s always in your cupboard?

Magnum Quattro (all flavours) Pharmaceutical Grade Protein Powder


What’s your ‘dream big’ goal that you hope to achieve?

I don’t have a ‘dream big’ goal at the moment, but my goal is to never lose sight of making my health a priority.


To follow along with Natalie’s fitness journey, check out her Instagram feed. And for more expert advice on fitness and nutrition, don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter We are #ReflexNation

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