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Back to BASICS: Commit to a Positive Mindset


Commit to a Postive Mindset | Reflex SupplementsWhen we talk about “getting healthy” a lot of the time we focus on the physical, and the changes we can make to our body to help it run faster, get stronger, or loose the weight.

Ignoring our mental health however, and not taking measures to properly support it, leaves a big blind spot in our approach to health and wellbeing.

Negative emotions have been shown to impact our stress levels, immune system, and hormone balance, leading to more serious issues like poor digestive health and cardiovascular disease.

As we have been working hard this year to take a more holistic, simpler approach to our health (aka Back to BASICS c/o Team Reflex member, Brittney Ward), we wanted to get her take on the power of committing to a positive mindset, and the effects that is can have on our health.

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Here’s to finding both health & happiness!


Commit to a Positive Mindset


“This is too tough”

“This takes too much works”

“I’ll never look like that”

We all face challenges in our lives, and times when we doubt ourselves –  that’s part of being human. But getting caught in negative thought patterns can seriously derail us from living our best life, including doing the things we love, and finding the motivation to hit the gym, eat healthy, and be the best version of ourselves.

Simply saying that you should commit to positivity is neither self-explanatory, nor easy to learn.

Learning how to control your emotions, and where you mind takes you when faced with challenges, takes time, effort, and reinforcement. There are however a few simple tips that can aid you in search to see the glass half full versus half empty.


Positive Mindset Tip 1: Practice Gratitude


Much like optimism, practicing gratitude has been shown to improve immune function, lower blood pressure, create positive emotions, and help you act with more compassion and empathy.


The key is to make gratitude a habit. Everyday aim to take a few minutes to think or write down what you are grateful for in your life. You could share this at the beginning of a meal, make it a family event, or simply end your day with a few positive thoughts before falling asleep.


Positive Mindset Tip 2: See the Opportunities


We all have things we don’t like in our lives or about ourselves. Instead of seeing these things as weaknesses however, think of them as opportunities to grow.


When we perceive things we don’t like about ourselves as “flaws” it can actually cause us more stress, and hamper our productivity. If we switch our mindset to one that is more positive, our problems seems less intimidating and we can tackle them in a way that actually helps us get results!



Positive Mindset Tip 3: Take Action


There is nothing like achieving a goal or seeing progress to help make you feel good. Constantly thinking or dwelling on a problem doesn’t get us anywhere. Plan a route of improvement, and put yourself into action! If you’re keen, set up smart goals that will help you maintain your newly created positive outlook.


Positive Mindset Tip 4: Practice Forgiveness


Forgive yourself for moments of weakness or negativity. We all have bad days from time to time and there is no need to resent yourself. Take these times as just one more opportunity to develop a stronger understanding of yourself and how to manage your feelings.


At #ReflexNation it’s our amazing community that inspires us to stay positive, keep our heads high, and always strive for more. If you’ve got a tip on how to stay positive, get social with us. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are #ReflexNation.

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