Back to BASICS: A is for Accountability

Back To Basics: A Is For AccountabilityTo help us have our healthiest year ever we went to the expert, #TeamReflex member Brittney Ward to help us create a plan we could stick too long past the first week of January.

Want to look as vicious as Brittney, stick to the BASICS.

We’re looking at Accountability (the “A” in BASICS) this week, but if you’re just joining us, head to last week’s post all about “B” Better Eating.

Now over to Brittney!



If it’s your first time getting into a gym routine it probably feels like a lot of hard work. Or, if you’re a returning gym go-er, then you know all too well that the first week is the most challenging. (It gets easier I promise!)

Getting into a routine requires you be accountable to yourself. It’s about being disciplined. It’s about being focused on your goal. It’s about trusting that if you put in the work you’ll see the results. But if you’re motivation is already starting to wane, or you’re losing sight of why you started this, I have a few tips that will help you keep committed.


Accountability Tactic #1: The Buddy System

A common and reliable way to stay accountable is by setting up a training routine with a friend! You know you won’t want to back out when someone else is expecting you to show up.

Training with a partner is also great because it can be super fun and motivating, and helps you push your own limits.

Accountability Tactic #2: Treat Yo’ Self

If you’re not interested in training with someone else for personal reasons, then create your own personal incentives to keep you accountable. Try setting a goal number of workouts in your calendar, and if you hit them all (that’s the key!) treat yo’ self to that sweet cheat meal, a new outfit, or a relaxing massage to help you rest and recharge!


Accountability Tactic #3

Still not feeling super motivated to stick to your plan? Well this one will sure make you realize how to be accountable for yourself…. Have fun!


That’s it – running not your thing? No worries. Try signing up to participate in an activity that interests you! By committing to a given deadline or an event where others may be attending you will find your drive to be your best. Don’t forget to keep a record of your progress either through journaling or blogs, that way you can keep a constant reminder of how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go!

Here is a brief list of a few awesome BC events you may find you’re interested in:

  1. Tough Mudder – an obstacle course for the not so basic endurance athlete. These courses often offer different levels of difficulty and a variety of specially created obstacles that challenge you in strength, persistence, and of course endurance!


  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – a sport for the tough and analytical! Signing up for a competition or joining a class is just to help you find your motivation. But once you start training you’ll realize all the health benefits such as weight loss, improved conditioning, and stress relief! Who wouldn’t be interested in that?


  1. Bodybuilding – if you’ve ever considered yourself the type that would give a good stage presence, then this sport is for you! You can enjoy an opportunity to showcase your hard earned body and meet other athletes who may have similar interests!


  1. Powerlifting – Are you always committed to testing your strength and pushing your limits? Want to find out pound for pound if you’re stronger than your gym partner? Then why not let BCPA do the math for you. Powerlifting involves many compound movement great for shaping your whole body and giving you the confidence you need!


What tips do you use to keep your fitness game tight? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the #ReflexNation.

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