Your 2022 Goal Setting Guide

The end of the year is always a popular time for reflections and goal setting. If this is something you’re tired of hearing about, we feel you! Let’s look at goal setting in a whole new way, one that leaves you feeling empowered, inspired, and confident about who you want to be and what you want your life to look like in the coming year.  

 Goal setting should take things off your plate, not add to it

You don’t need another item added to your already extensive to-do list. Setting a goal should allow you to focus, stay on track, and say no to what doesn’t serve you. Before you get clear on your goal, spend a few minutes taking stock of where you are now and what you can take off your plate to give yourself more breathing space. For this, we like to use the simple acronym PEDS.

 P – Put off

What can you put off for now? E.g. Put off that strict cleanse if it feels like too much.

 E – Eliminate

What can you get rid of entirely? What are the daily activities you do without even noticing that take up time and don’t add to your life? 

 D – Delegate

What can you outsource or hand off to others? Delegate at work and home. Share the household duties with your partner and the kids. You don’t have to do it all. 

 S – Simplify

What can you streamline to make things easier on yourself? E.g. Eating the same thing for breakfast every weekday or eliminating clutter. 

Choose your WHY

With new year goal setting, it can be easy to get caught up in what’s trendy or what you think you should do, but what do you want? If you’re not into HIIT or indoor cycling but love intense outdoor hikes, yoga, and kettlebells, go with what you enjoy. 

 Why would you choose this goal? What about it is important to you? What will it mean and feel like when you accomplish it? The why keeps you going on the days you want to give up.

 Pro-tip: Once you have your why double-check to confirm it fits into your long-term lifestyle. Look at what is sustainable and gets you closer to where you want to be. 


Set your goal

Design your goal using the traditional SMART acronym, with a bit of a twist. 

S – Specific

Be very specific with your goal, so you are super clear on what you want to achieve. For example, I want to run a half-marathon or participate in a weight-lifting competition. Be specific to keep things simple.

M – Measurable

The only way to track a goal is for it to be quantifiable; an objective with a number attached to it. 

 For example:

  • Lose 20 inches
  • Run a half-marathon in the next 12 months
  • Deadlift 150kg
  • Participate in a weight-lifting competition where I squat 115kg
  • Ride my road bike for the next 45 days in a row
 A – Agreement

What agreement are you making with yourself by setting this goal? You agree to be committed, set yourself up for success, say no when you need to, and hand things off to others so you can get this done. Making personal agreements is one of the most meaningful steps in goal setting.

 R – Resourced

Support and accountability is huge! What usually stops you from reaching a goal; is it following the schedule, feeling alone in the process, or getting discouraged? If you tend to procrastinate and work well with strict deadlines, make it happen. Keep yourself accountable by building adequate support systems. Ways to be resourced include:

 Working with a buddy

  • Setting up accountability with a friend, coach, or your kids
  • Creating a support system of people to call when you need help
  • Having food delivered
  • Ordering all your supplements at the beginning of the plan
  • Doing meal prep
  • Buying new workout gear and equipment
  • Getting mental health support from a coach or therapist
 T – Time-bound

Set a what by when goal. What you will achieve and by what date.


Create milestones

Having a lofty, large goal can be daunting and overwhelming. Break the larger goal down into short-term milestones, a smaller goal to achieve in the next 30 days. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon by July 2022, set milestones at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc. 

Work your way back from the goal to the present day, creating milestones for each month or week, depending on how far out your goal goes. It’s so encouraging when you pass each milestone.


Anticipate challenges

Starting a new plan can be challenging and requires adjustment. If you get off track for a few days, don’t throw out all your past progress and go into a shame spiral. Give yourself some grace, compassion, and room to grow into new behaviours. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have your why and a plan; keep moving forward. You’ve got this. 

The best way to succeed with goal setting is to do it year-round, not just in January. If creating objectives and deadlines is part of your routine, you’ll be more likely to stick to it. You are dedicated to being healthy in body, mind, and spirit and understand the commitment it takes. The feeling of being energetic, strong and agile is something you want to have forever, and that’s what keeps you going next year and beyond. Here’s to a vibrant 2022!


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