Why You Should Sweat Every Day

Why You Should Sweat Every DayFact: Sweating (at least once) daily is healthy for you.

And, it doesn’t just have to be from an intense workout.

In fact, there are science-backed reasons why sweating is beneficial to your health; everything from boosting your mood, enhancing your skin, shedding toxins from your body and more. And, the good news is that a daily workout isn’t the only way for you to reap these benefits, which means if your muscles need a rest day, you can still try to (and should) get a good sweat every day. Here’s why.

Why We Sweat

Did you know there are on average 4 million sweat glands covering your body? These glands, found in more concentrated levels on our hands, feet, armpits and forehead, secrete clear salt- based fluid, otherwise referred to as sweat or perspiration, in attempt to help the body control internal temperature[1]. These glands are controlled by nerves, respond to a variety of stimuli including hormones, emotions, body temperature regulation and (probably most obvious to most) physical activity / exercise[2].

Benefits of Sweating

Sweating is a normal bodily process and while it occurs naturally when the body needs to regulate temperature you can also stimulate higher levels of sweating through various activities, and doing so is considered beneficial to health. Here are top 3 reasons to get on a good sweat:

  1. Mood Boosting
    If you hit the gym regularly and crave those sweaty sessions this should come as no surprise. Physical, sweaty exercise, has been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins helping motivate you and make you feel happier for an extended time following the workout[3].
  2. Improves Skin Health
    Your skin, the largest organ in your body, is covered in thousands of pores and is the way sweat rises to the surface from the glands below. When sweating, pores open up and oils, particles and toxins that have been trapped are released.
  3. Eliminate Toxins
    One of the best ways to detox your body is through a good sweat! Through sweat, we also release various compounds including salts, alcohol, cholesterol and other toxins[4].


Favourite Ways to Break A Sweat

When you think about sweating, intense, vigorous exercise is what probably comes to mind. But the truth is you can reap all the benefits of sweating while doing other (less strenuous) activities, too. So, while hitting that workout hard is great for you on many levels, (including sweating), when you need a day off you can still get in a good sweat. Here are 3 ways – beyond your workout – you can sweat daily.

  1. Sit in a sauna
  2. Take a hot bath
  3. Use a sweat intensifier, like DripFit

Finally, since sweat is nearly 100% water it’s important to hydrate. Consider replenishing with both water or an electrolyte drink.

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