Hot for Summer: 3 Favourite Summer Health Trends

There’s no arguing that summer is the chillest season of them all – BBQ’s, pool parties, and patios galore – but that’s no reason to let your diet slip. Sun’s out guns out, are we right?

At Reflex Nation, we’re always on the hunt for the latest ways to help you keep your nutrition game tight. We went to the experts and got their take on what’s their favourite summer health trends.


Go Nuts

Nut butter by the spoonful? Hell ya’ we do, when we’ve got Buff Bake on hand. With flavours like Snickerdoodle, Cookie, and Chocolate Chip this protein packed almond butter boasts 11g of protein per serving (thanks to the added addition of whey protein), and extra omega-3’s (from chia and flax seeds).

Go Plant

We’ll be hard pressed to ever ditch our whey protein shakes, but there has been some great advances in the world of plant proteins with respect to taste and texture. When the weather is hot, and we’re basically living smoothies (seriously, who wants to cook?), we like to keep a couple different protein options on hand to make sure we’re not overdoing it on one protein source. Currently we’re loving the reformulated Vega Sport protein that has the addition of tart cherry and turmeric for further anti-inflammatory benefits (take that sunburn).

Go Cold

At Reflex Nation we run on caffeine. Boasting 67% less acid than hot-brewed coffee, cold brew not only has less bitterness than the hot stuff, but is healthier for your stomach too (later heartburn). This summer ditch those sugar-filled Ice Caps, or iced lattes, and shake your cold brew with some ice and chocolate protein for a healthier (and just as delicious) treat.

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