Summer Essentials: Healthy Road Trip Snacks

healthy road trip snacks

Many of us had to cancel our travel plans this year (#quarantine) however, travel restrictions have lightened up and the summer months are the perfect time to hit the open road and do some exploring close to home! We are all for balance, but that doesn’t mean that our health has to fly out the rolled-down windows. Chances are, if you’ve been following a steady diet and fitness routine, you don’t want to completely derail the progress you’ve been making. We’ve compiled a few tips, tricks and healthy road trip snacks to help you #snackontrack, while on a great adventure!

Planning For Success

While you might be getting some steps in when you’re exploring areas of interest, it’s also important to recognize that there’s a lot of time spent sitting in the car. When we move around less, our energy needs decrease. Focus on filling up with foods that are high in protein and fibre, while minimizing excess sugars or fats. Try to keep a cooler handy that you can stock as you stop so that you have food ready to go when hunger hits. The last thing you want is to be ravenously devouring a couple of chocolate bars because that’s what they had at the nearest gas station.



Snack Hacks

Before you leave, grab some essentials to avoid poor choices while on the road.  Ensuring that you have a shaker cup, your favourite protein powder, and some fruits and/or vegetables will be a lifesaver even if you don’t think so while packing. Your local Reflex also has a wide variety of snacks from sweet gummies and bars to savoury popcorn and jerky – all of which are high in protein and make for health-conscious snacking choices. We’ve outlined our top healthy road trip snacks below:

1. Protein Bars

When selecting a protein bar, there are a few things to look for. Many options are actually glorified chocolate bars, with little nutritional value. If possible, look for a bar below 300 calories, unless you’re intentionally replacing a meal. Go for a bar that has 10 or less grams of sugar, and at least 15 grams of protein. Another ingredient to focus on is fibre – this will help keep the cravings and hunger at bay by making you feel full for longer periods of time.

2. Fruit & Vegetables

These days you can pick up ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables just about anywhere, even at some gas stations. Depending where you’re headed, keep your eyes out for farms, markets or produce stands – nothing beats fresh. Pack a cooler with whatever you have from home to get you started (celery sticks, carrots, apples, etc.) and munch as desired. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fibre, micronutrients and natural hydration, while also being relatively low in calories.

3. Healthy Fats

Fats are more calorie dense than protein or carbohydrates, but they increase satiety and can help curb cravings. Portion out individual servings of nuts and trail mix to avoid overeating, or make a batch of hummus [RECIPE HERE] to dip those vegetables into!

4. Sweet Treats

Delicious doesn’t need to derail your diet. Sometimes you just want some candy, and that’s okay! We know this from personal experience which is why Reflex carries Smart Sweets – a high-fibre, low-sugar candy option that tastes as sweet (and sour) as the real deal (get some HERE). These gummies are the perfect addition to any road trip, and will keep you on track with only 3g of sugar and 28g of fibre in every bag! #winning

Another option (and our #1 favourite healthy road trip snack) is to take five minutes and 4 simple ingredients to make the base for some of these Killer No Bake Energy Balls [RECIPE HERE].

5. Beverages

Staying hydrated is essential in the summer heat, but sometimes you want something besides water. BCAAs are great to sip on, and the flavour can help satisfy a sweet tooth. Other options include liquid water enhancers, iced tea without added sugar, or chilled coffee with protein powder! Diet sodas or flavoured carbonated waters can also help you feel full so that you can cut back on excess snacking by their ability to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Road trips are meant to be enjoyed, not stressful events. Learning to make healthy choices on the go is a useful skill to keep your progress in check. If you need more ideas, visit us in store and have a chat with one of our experts for more tips. We can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram. If you make any of the recipes mentioned above, be sure to tag us! We are #ReflexNation.

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