3 Tips for Preventing the Dad Bod

When we refer to “Dad Bod” images of undefined abs and jiggly muscles that lift beer cans more than dumbbells is what usually springs to mind.

But in the spirit of Father’s Day, we want to focus on the bod’s of dads, and that mysterious (on average) 4 pound weight gain that creeps in post children.

As many of us with kids here at Reflex can attest, the word “busy” takes on a whole new meaning once little one’s show up. With time-crunched schedules, shifting priorities, and a lack of sleep, it’s easy to see why cracking a beer at the end of the day versus hitting the gym is way more appealing.

But staying fit is not only good for aesthetic reasons. It keeps you healthy (so you can keep up with little ones) and sets a good example for the newest generation.

Don’t let the Dad Bod affect you. Check out our 3 simple tips to help you stay in fighting shape.

Tips to Prevent Dad Bod | Reflex Supplements

Eat Clean

Yes, we preach this one every chance we get, but when sleep is at an all time low, and time is a luxury you’re no longer privileged to, it’s easy to grab whatever is cheap, tasty, and convenient. To fight this, make meal prep a priority. BBQ up a few extra chicken breasts to have on hand, purchase pre-washed leafy greens, and keep stocked up on your favourite protein bars and healthy snacks so you aren’t tempted to hit the drive-through on your way home.

Fit in Fitness

Between t-ball tournaments, and dance recitals, you might not be able to hit the gym for an hour like you used to. Don’t let that stop you from workout entirely. If you’ve got 20-30 minutes, you’ve got time to move. Instead of sitting on the bench lifting weights, think about full body exercises that target multiple areas and get the heart rate up. Some of our favourites are wall balls, walking lunges, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, squat to press, sprints, and plank rows. Go hard, and make every minute count.

Get More Sleep

While we might not be able to help those of you with newborns, the rest of you have got to make sleep a priority. As tempting as it is to stay up late and chill once the kids are in bed, lack of sleep has been shown to increase cravings for carbs and sugary treats. Having trouble going to bed earlier? Try shutting off your screens 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed (PVR is a wonderful thing) to trigger the brain that it is time to rest. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy (and fewer cravings) you have in the morning.


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