Q&A: What is it like to own a Reflex Supplements Franchise?

Q&a: What Is It Like To Own A Reflex Supplements Franchise?As the fastest growing supplement franchise in Western Canada, we get a ton of questions about what it’s like to own a Reflex Supplements franchise.

So we went to our guru of all things franchise, Reflex Supplements CEO and (aptly titled) Director of Franchising, Curtis Christopherson for answers to some of the top questions about taking the leap to own a Reflex.

Outside of being the head of franchising at Reflex Supplements, Curtis has an  insane amount of franchise experience. In 2006, he opened Innovative Fitness’ first franchise and in 2007 took on the challenge to lead the organization as General Manager, along with running his own franchise. From 2007-2013, with the lead from Curtis, IF opened locations in Langley, Port Moody, Abbotsford, Downtown Vancouver, Whistler, Toronto, and Victoria. Like we said, guru of franchising.

If you’re curious about running your own franchise, we hope this Q&A sheds some light on the process of joining our team. Of course you can always find more by visiting our franchise page, or shooting us an email!


Own A Reflex Supplements Franchise: Q&A with Curtis Christopherson

Q: What are the three main benefits to owning a franchise?

A: There are a ton of benefits of owning a franchise. First and foremost, owning a franchise allows you to explore your entrepreneurial spirit and go into business for yourself…yet not by yourself! Essentially it provides franchisees with a certain level of independence so that they can operate their business with autonomy but with support! Secondly, a franchise system can provide established products, services, systems, or relationships that may take years to establish. This allows you to be more successful, faster! Lastly, a franchise generally provides a level of brand-name recognition, marketing support and a certain level of quality that has already been proven.


Q: Am I my own boss or do I work for Reflex Supplements?


A: As a franchisee for Reflex Supplements you are an independent owner and operator of one or several of our retail locations. And although you have a significant amount of autonomy and how you run your business, there are certain parameters we try to maintain a consistent look & feel across the chain…all for the benefits of our team!


Q: What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone looking to open their own franchise?


A: Be proud to have the support, proven systems, brand recognition, and team that a franchise system provides. It takes years to establish a successful model and therefore as a new franchisee you have leap frogged many of those challenges as you venture into your world of entrepreneurship. Utilize the knowledge & expertise that the franchisor will provide to allow you to be even more successful as you start your new business.


Q: What makes a franchise (or franchisee) successful?

A: A successful franchisee in any model is where the franchisee (& franchisor) fully understands the dynamics of the ‘interdependent’ relationship, and the SYNERGY of FRANCHISING begins to take place! The franchisee should and needs to respect where the business has come from, trust the proven systems that are in place, and execute the fundamentals of the business consistently to ensure they maximize the overall success of their business. ​


Q: I love fitness, but not sure I have the skills to run my own biz. Do you offer training?


A: At Reflex Supplements, we will initially train you on the fundamental aspects of running a business which includes a walkthrough on how to build a marketing & business plan as examples. We also provide you with initial (and ongoing) product training and information so that you have a better understanding on how to interact, teach, educate and sell to your customers. The learning does not end at Reflex Supplements and we are here to support your knowledge needs to ensure you can provide the best Expert Advice as possible!


If you have a franchise question for us, or interested in finding out more about franchise opportunities? Contact us or get social with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are #ReflexNation.

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