How To Stay Fit During The Holidays


Didn’t it seem like just yesterday when you were trying to steer clear of Halloween candy? Before we knew it, Christmas lights were up, Christmas carollers were in the malls, and Santa can be seen on every advertisement around. If you’re like most people, the Christmas holidays can be very hard on us in terms of our health and fitness goals! Firstly, some of us decide to travel to be with family and friends. Secondly, others host Christmas at their houses. Both, however, mean that it will be difficult to eat healthy and/or make it to the gym on a regular basis. So, you ask… how to stay fit during the holidays?


Well, surveys have found that most people just accept that the holidays will be a, “no limits” time where they can eat what they want and put their health and fitness goals on the back-burner. Most people indicated that the reason for this is because they realized there was nothing that they could do about it so they decided to, “live it up” instead.

We aren’t sure about you, but we think that the reasons found above were merely excuses to eat all the treats and wash them down with gallons of eggnog!


We’re here to take the excuses away!  So please, put down the eggnog as we explain what has been proven to keep you in the best shape possible during the holidays (while still being able to indulge and enjoy too!)

  1. Invest in exercise bands, a yoga mat, and maybe some dumbbells (even if they are just a pair of 15 lbs). It is very easy to fit in a well-rounded exercise routine with body weight or using the items mentioned above.
  2. Set aside 30-45 minutes each day during the holidays to engage in a home exercise routine. If you’re unsure of what exercises to do, there are plenty of sample home-workout routines to be found online. From beginners workouts to advanced, there is surely a home exercise routine for you.
  3. Understand that the home workouts may not be as challenging as in-gym workouts, but remember that they are engaging muscles and utilizing excess sugar eaten during the holidays.
  4. Try to limit yourself to a specific number of treats. For example, you may only allow yourself desert after dinner and 3 treats per day during the holidays.
  5. Drink plenty of water! Drinking water will allow your body to flush out toxins and keep you feeling full for longer periods of time. We all tend to snack on treats much more than normal when we are hungry.
  6. Take a specialized supplements approach!


What’s a, “Specialized supplements approach”?  We figured you’d ask.

Essentially, there are many supplements that can actually help you to stay as fit as possible during the holidays.

Here are just a few popular supplements to aid in keeping you fit during Christmas:


Malabar Tamarind

–  A fruit that is used in many Indian dishes that boosts satiety (makes you feel full, quicker), so as to prevent overeating


R+ Alpha-Lipoic Acid

–  A fatty acid that can decrease blood-glucose levels temporarily to prevent fat storage, and it also has potent anti-oxidant properties


Chromium Picolinate

–  An essential mineral that helps to regulate metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity to prevent fat storage in the body


Cassia Cinnamon

–  Regulates blood-sugar spikes to slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into fat



–  Often regarded as the world’s most expensive spice, it works to elevate mood, reduce cravings, and decrease emotional eating patterns



–  Used as a, “Fat blocker” and may reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed in the intestines during digestion


White Kidney Bean

–   Found to work as a carbohydrate blocker and taken with carbohydrate-rich meals as a means of reducing the amount and efficiency of carbohydrate absorption in the intestines


Garcinia Cambogia

–  Known for its active ingredient, “Hydroxycitric acid” (HCA), and it’s potential role in blocking the body’s ability to make fat, thereby keeping cholesterol levels in check and curbing appetite



–   A stimulatory compound that boosts energy, mental focus, metabolic rate, and ultimately results in fat loss


Dicaffeine Malate

–  An ionic bonded combination of caffeine and malic acid.  It has all benefits of caffeine (increased energy, focus and metabolism) with the benefit of malic acid being able to calm the digestive distress that stimulants can cause some people.


To recap on how to stay fit during the holidays: Taking the right combination of the supplements above, finding time to exercise (even just a for a short time) each day, managing how many treats to allow yourself, and drinking sufficient amounts of water will be the key factors that contribute to the ability to stay in the best shape possible during the Christmas holidays – yes, even if eggnog is on tap.


To find the supplements that work best for you, or for more health , fitness, and wellness advice, visit us in store and have a chat with one of our experts. We can also be reached on Facebook and Instagram. If you try any of the ingredients mentioned above, be sure to tag us! We are #ReflexNation.

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