How to Make Taking Your Greens Powder a Habit


How To Make Taking Your Greens Powder A Habit

We know greens powders are good for us. They provide a concentrated dose of nutrient dense foods like sea veggies, leafy greens, and potent super fruits. But healthy doesn’t happen with good intentions, and even if you made an effort to buy a greens powder, if you aren’t taking it on the regular, you are getting the benefit of it.

For people who don’t take their greens (even though it is in their fridge) it isn’t that they don’t want to take it, it’s that they fall into one of two camps: they don’t know how to take it, or they don’t like to take it due to the taste.

In #ReflexNation, we’re all about getting you to your best (as well as making sure you get the most bang for your buck), so we’ve got some tips for you on how to actually make taking your greens powder a habit.

Make it Taste Better

One of the biggest complaints around greens powders are around flavour. Either they are too bitter or too sweet, as some brands go a little overboard on the stevia trying to mask the bitter aftertaste. If you find your greens powder to fall into either of those camps, try adding a splash of lemon juice to your shaker cup. The tart taste helps to balance out both overly bitter and cloyingly sweet flavours, making the drinking process much more enjoyable.

Sneak it In

Most people know they can add a scoop of greens powder to their favourite smoothie recipe, but what if you’re someone that doesn’t start their day that way? Sneaking in a scoop of green powder isn’t reserved for the blender only. Try adding a scoop or two to any of your favourite no-bake recipes, like protein balls, bars or bites, cashew dips, hummus, popsicles, oatmeal or nice cream.

Add Some Bubbles

When it comes to greens powders, it might just be the texture that has you thrown as some can be a little gritty due to the fibrous ingredients. If that’s the case, try mixing in a concentrated dose of greens by combining a scoop of greens with about an eighth to a quarter of the liquid you normally would. Shake until combined (no powdery lumps!) and top with sparkling water and sip with a straw.

Switch It Up

If you really can’t stand the taste of your greens powder, maybe it’s not you, it’s the powder. There are lots of great formulas out there all with different flavours, textures and levels of sweetness. If you really can’t stand your greens powder, don’t give up. Come into one of our locations and talk to an expert. We’re confident we can help you find the greens powder that right for you.

If you have more questions about greens powders or supplements, let us know! Visit us in store, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We are #ReflexNation.

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