Get Shredded: Pre-Vacation Tips to Get Your Perfect Beach Body

Get Shredded: Pre-vacation Tips To Get Your Perfect Beach BodyIf you’ve been hiding behind the protective comfort of your parka for the past few months, heading south for March Break, and shedding those heavy clothes may come with a bit of trepidation.

In Reflex Nation, we tend to keep it pretty fit all year round, but getting beach or poolside ready comes with a little extra push (both in the gym and out).

We reached out to three of our Team Reflex members, Mackenzie Agnew, Ryan Tang, and Lulu Godin,  to get their pre-vacation workout and nutrition tips so you can rock that lack of clothes with the utmost confidence.

Pre-Vacation Tips For Your Perfect Beach Bod

Pre-Vacation Tips by Mackenzie Agnew

  1. Instead of meeting for coffee with a friend, head for a walk
  2. Avoid elevators! Stairs, stairs, stairs!!
  3. Use spices in your cooking versus sauces
  4. Superset your exercises at the gym with things like jump squats, burpees, push-ups or jump rope to keep you sweating your whole workout
  5. Park a little further from the door.
  6. Carry your groceries in a basket versus pushing them in a cart! (if you can)
  7. Slow down your chewing so you properly digest your food and feel fuller for longer
  8. Swap out movie nights for bowling, mini golfing or rock climbing
  9. Hit the sauna or steam room twice a week to sweat a few extra times
  10. Wake up 30 minutes extra so you can rock out a few yoga poses before getting on with your day


Pre-Vacation Tips by  Ryan Tang

  1. Set specific dates with short term goals intermittently between the start of your journey and the vacation or beach season rather than one end goal.
  2. I will put a picture of myself in the physique I’m trying to obtain or beat on the fridge so I see it as a reminder daily
  3. Surround yourself with peers that have a similar goal
  4. Get someone else on board with you to keep one another accountable


Pre-Vacation Tips by Lulu Godin

  1. Drinking TONS of water everyday to flush out any excess water weight so you look your leanest
  2. Add a  little bit of extra cardio to the end of all of your workouts. On the treadmill I like to rotate between 10 minutes of HIIT sprints or 20 minutes of incline walking at a steady pace without holding onto the handrail
  3. Make a really great playlist to give you that extra push to go harder!


Need a little more? Don’t miss our Get Shredded Guide which will help you drop fat, not muscle. Got a tip you use to lean our pre-vacation? We want to hear it! Give us a shout on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We are #ReflexNation.

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