Get Dad Strong With a Kettlebell Workout

kettlebell workout

There’s nothing quite like being Dad strong. Whether it’s having crazy grip strength, the ability to lift a pile of lumber or carry 3 bicycles at a time when the kids get tired – you are the go-to person in the family for all the heavy lifting. If you’re not exactly Dad strong yet, but you’re motivated to get started, it’s time to get Dad strong with a kettlebell workout!


Home gyms have skyrocketed in popularity this past year, but equipment can be expensive and sometimes in short supply. If you’re going to invest in weights, kettlebells are the way to go because, pound-for-pound, they provide the broadest range of exercises. Not only do they build that unmatched Dad grip strength, but they are also a total body conditioning tool. Plus, they are fun, compact and portable, so you can take them with you on the road.



As the dedicated pack mule of the family, you are bending over multiple times a day to pick up the kids, heavy coolers or those big delivery boxes. A perfect exercise to build critical strength in the abs, lower back, and lats is the kettlebell deadlift.

Start with a relatively challenging weight. Have two kettlebells out in front of you on the ground. Square your feet, standing just slightly wider than shoulder-width, hinge forward at the waist, sending your butt back. Take one kettlebell in each hand, pausing a moment to get into proper lifting position, ensuring your abs are tight, protecting your back. Then as you exhale, stand up straight, lifting the kettlebells in one strong, powerful motion. You create a better hip extension by squeezing the glutes, which supports powerful movements, like jumping.


Goblet Squat

With a goblet squat, you’re holding the kettlebell out in front while squatting. This movement perfectly mimics Dad-life! How often are you holding the kids while bending down to pick up toys or your morning coffee? Goblet squats are the way to go in mastering this motion safely with steady strength. By adding weighted resistance, you’ll get the hang of the correct squat movement, so you’re ready for any scenario with the kids.

Keep your torso tall, core engaged, and shoulders rolled back. Hold the kettlebell in front of your body in this squat motion, keeping your back long and straight. The front-weighted exercise prevents you from losing form, tipping forward at the hips and compromising your back. Be sure to keep feet relatively straight, pointed forward not overly angled in or out. When squatting down, ensure your knees don’t go past your ankles to avoid knee pain or injury.


Kettlebell Swing

This is a fun one and a motion you are sure to do with the kids. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, grab the weight with both hands, bend your knees, and drop your arms between your legs. Then as you stand up with straight legs, swing the bell forward to its at chest height, arms parallel to the floor and then allow it to swing back between your legs as you bend down again.

Take this kettlebell workout to the cottage by picking the kids up and swinging them off the dock into the water. You’ll be the most popular Dad at the lake.


Lunge and Press

If you’re talking Dad power, this is the way to go. The kettlebell lunge and press works the whole body, from hamstrings, glutes, and quads to abs, lats, biceps and shoulders. It also gets the heart pumping.

Stand up straight with the bell in one hand, held over your shoulder. Lunge down, with the leg opposite of the arm holding the weight out in front. Then while down in the lunge position, power the kettlebell up overhead, focusing on keeping the lats and core strong and engaged.

Be mindful of not arching backwards when doing the overhead press. Keep your torso tall and firm.


Single-Arm Snatch

Dad strong means having muscular shoulders, chest, back and core. The single-arm snatch is a power move.

Start with the bell on the floor between your feet, hip-width apart. Squat down, grab the bell handle, and carry the weight from chest level, up and overhead in an explosive movement. Lower back down, keeping the weight in your hand without dropping it onto the ground and repeat. This one is all for the summer abs and shoulders.


Kettlebell workout exercises tend to be explosive and use the whole body. Make sure you’re warming up and stretching to avoid injury. You want to employ proper body mechanics to ensure your form is on point, so you gain maximum strength and power with each exercise.

Because a kettlebell’s weight is not evenly distributed like dumbbells, it creates the need to counterbalance and stabilize your body, further engaging your core and giving you supreme balance and coordination. Time to get moving with your kettlebells so you can go from dad bod to fatherly figure. Oh yeah!


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