Best Detox Techniques for The New Year


HAPPY NEW YEAR!… and now you’re probably wondering how to begin this, “New Year, New Me” thing right?

Well, there’s a lot of buzz in the air about “detoxing” and “cleansing.  It seems to be the right thing to do after bingeing so much during the holidays. But here’s the truth, your body can detox on its own. Yeah! Your lungs, liver, kidneys, digestive system, and skin, are designed to detox on their own, thus keeping your body clean 24/7.

The even harder truth is that although the body can detox on its own, it takes a very long time.  That is why we have provided some tips on how to detox the body naturally, but then end with some detox recommendations that can speed the whole process up and summon the, “NEW YOU” in no-time.

Best Detox Techniques for The New Year

Stay hydrated all the time

Water plays a very important role in body metabolism, and drinking adequate amount of water keeps your body salt at a balanced level. Never go thirsty and always remember that vegetables and fruits consist mostly of water, so you can boost your water intake with just 6 – 8 servings. The best way to know if you are taking in the right amount of water is by checking the color of your urine. The goal is to have  pale-yellow coloured urine. If it is darker than that, then down a glass or two of water. Remember, 6-8 glasses per day as a minimum!


Cut down on caffeine

Caffeine is a great boost for energy, but it can dehydrate the body and make it hard to make it through an entire day without it.  Try to cut down slowly and maybe start substituting coffee with lower-caffeine tea, then start to switch to decaf coffee, and then hopefully onto being able to cut it out of the diet completely.


 Avoid alcohol

Alcohol isn’t healthy.  Although it may have some health benefits when taken moderately (specifically red wine), but all the same, it’s nothing special. It has diuretic properties, meaning that it too dehydrates the body. In addition, it contains a load of calories. Maybe start by limiting alcohol consumption to the weekends and eventually cutting it out completely (maybe with exception of those special occasions)…


Avoid the low-calorie artificial sweeteners and the sugar

Reduce your intake of sugary snacks, drinks, and treats, and watch how your sweet tooth will get satisfied with just fruits.  Fruits are, in a sense, “Nature’s candy” and although some fruits have a high sugar content, they also match this content with a high amount of fibre.  This means that as you eat fruit, you’ll find that you become full and reach satiety from the fibre, thus not wanting to eat anymore.  The result, no more excess sugar intake than necessary, and a you are left with a satisfied sweet tooth as well!

Artificial sweeteners mimic real sugar and can actually create an insulin response.  In addition, they have been found to have detrimental effects on digestion.  The possible adverse effects are simply not worth it.


Do away with processed foods

As a rule of thumb, avoid foods packaged in jars, bags, boxes, or cans.  In addition, reducing the rates at which you eat from restaurants is important as well. Most restaurant foods appear healthy, but they may have been soaked in creamy sauce or cooked in unhealthy oils. Limiting consumption of processed foods is the easiest and fastest way to cut down on excess fats, calories, and sugars.


Break a sweat

The largest organ in your body is your skin. Sweating allows you to eliminate plenty of salt and other body metabolites. Sweating everyday helps your body to eliminate toxins.


Eat fibre-rich foods

There are many myths associated with detoxifying the gastrointestinal tract. But here’s the thing – your GUT loves to be stimulated, mostly with fibre. Imagine it as your gut undergoing an exercise. When you take in enough fibre, your gut revs up. However, it is advisable that you stick to natural fibre – found in veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Avoid those processed snacks that claim to contain no less than 50% of your daily fibre requirements in a single serving. Stick with what nature provides – that’s about 3 – 4 grams per serving.


Sleep helps

Your daily sleep should be within the 7 – 9 hours per night range. Adequate sleep maintains a healthy brain. Clinical research supports the link between sleep and mental health.


Change the way you respond to stress

While it may be very unrealistic to eliminate stress – changing your body’s response to daily stressors will help to improve wellbeing. Whenever you are stressed, or faced with a stressful situation, stop and think, before reacting. Stress exerts mental and physical effects on behavioral and metabolic activities. Simple things like getting enough sleep, eating healthily, and engaging in physical activity goes a long way to helping you manage stress in a more effective way.



(work best when used in conjunction with the tips stated above) 

1. Detox Kits:

These consist of key ingredients that have been shown to help specific organs detoxify and release harmful toxins that have been stored in them – effectively limiting the body from ideal performance.

2. Greens Drinks:

These allow people to enjoy the health benefits that are contained in 5-10 servings of fresh vegetables, simply by adding a scoop to water, juice, or their favourite beverage.

3. Antioxidants:

These come in the form of ready-made drinks, powder-based and capsule-based supplements.  They work to help the body cleanse itself of toxins.  The advantage of these types of supplements are that people can choose specific ones that target certain organs.  For example, if a person is a known heavy drinker, they may choose antioxidants that are known to support liver health.


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