The Breakdown: 3 Steps To A Bar Muscle UpWe say it all the time – your best starts here. That’s why we’re introducing a new series called The Breakdown, which helps you conquer new moves, challenge your current routine, and take your fitness to the next level.

First up is 3 steps to help you hit that elusive bar muscle up. It’s a move that works the upper body hard, utilizing both pushing and pulling muscles as well as a ton of core. Let’s just say if you’ve never tried it before, get ready for a humbling experience.

Read below for the breakdown,  then find a bar and get swinging.


By Alex Turner – IF White Rock


STEP 1: Establish Beat Swing

Create momentum forwards and backwards while hanging from bar.

  • From a dead hang position (hanging from the bar with arms fully extended) engage your lats by pulling your shoulders back and down, away from your ears
  • Squeeze your glutes, core, and quads to ensure optimal tension(AKA hollow position)
  • Push forwards against the bar, bringing your torso backwards, return to dead hang, and pull forwards on the bar, bringing your torso forwards
  • Combine these movements to create a swing back and forth, maintaining a tight hollow position

The Breakdown: 3 Steps To A Bar Muscle Up


STEP 2: Pull hips as close to bar as possible

  • Furthering the range of the beat swing:
    • push hard against the bar using your lats which pulls your torso further from the bar
    • Let your body return through, into the forwards position (see above);
    • simultaneously, aggressively swing your legs forward and extend your hips, pulling your hips as close to the bar as possible
  • At the max height of your swing, your body position should be at approximately a 45 degree angle

The Breakdown: 3 Steps To A Bar Muscle Up

STEP 3: Pull the bar to your stomach

  • At the top of your swing, your hips should be close to the bar, at this point, pull HARD into your stomach
  • You should now have the bar against your body at about mid torso, proceed to press up into a locked out position to complete the muscle up!


The Breakdown: 3 Steps To A Bar Muscle Up

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