3 Common Female Bodybuilding Myths Debunked

When you walk into your typical neighbourhood gym and look at the weightlifting area, the majority of the participants are male. And that’s a shame because female bodybuilding is an often ignored exercise option by many women. Some women choose to avoid female bodybuilding because they have misconceptions towards weightlifting and feel it goes against their fitness goals. Years of reading misinformed articles and being fed wrong information have caused a lot of women to avoid weightlifting. However, we’re here today to debunk 3 common female bodybuilding myths.

Female Bodybuilding Myths

Bodybuilding is a no no. Weightlifting is just for men

This myth is so outdated that it drives a steam powered car. There’s a belief among some people that weightlifting is a boy’s club and that’s not hard to believe. The majority of weightlifters in most gyms are men and a lot of popular media depicts bodybuilding as a man’s activity. This is all bunk; weightlifting is for everybody, male and female.

Female bodybuilding is something accessible to any woman who has a gym membership or their own gym equipment. Although it may seem intimidating to the beginner, knowledge is your friend. Get informed about the different types of bodybuilding exercises either from websites (like this blog) or ask your gym for help. Most gyms employ a staff of people, both male and female, who can help you learn all about weightlifting and get you started on your own female bodybuilding program.

Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky

The idea that lifting heavy weights will make you bulky is the most common female bodybuilding myth out there and has caused many women to avoid the weights. This is awful because this myth is 100% false. Yes, those big, bulky bodybuilders you see on the covers of magazines do lift heavy weights, but they also eat monstrous amounts of calories to gain their size. Their lives are built around getting bigger and thus they do things that will help them with their goal, including lifting heavy weights.

However, this doesn’t mean that lifting heavy will make you bigger. The truth is that lifting heavy weights will make you STRONGER. Strength doesn’t equal bulk, but rather it means your muscles will get stronger. Stronger muscles are denser and give you a leaner, more toned look to your body. This myth is so damaging because it is the total opposite to the truth and is a major reason why more women are not involved in female bodybuilding.   

Weightlifting is all about weights

We’ve all seen the guy at the gym who is able to lift monstrous amounts of weights. Lifting heavy is important, as mentioned above, but it isn’t the sole point of weightlifting. Rather, technique is much more important to everyone, especially the female bodybuilding beginner. Good technique is important as it makes the weightlifting exercises more effective in targeting the desired muscle groups. Most importantly, good technique leads to fewer injuries as bad form is an easy way to get hurt while lifting. There are plenty of websites that detail good lifting technique or start with a trainer to get your form correct.

Although we’ve debunked the 3 most common female bodybuilding myths, there are still plenty of other misconceptions out there. However, if you now finally see the truth and want to start your own female bodybuilding program, visit our store to get the right equipment for your fitness goals. Also, subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with the latest fitness news and information.

Female Bodybuilding

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