Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Reflex Supplement Franchise?

By 2020 the global market for Sports Nutrition is estimated to reach US$33.6 billion, with 47% of that share coming from North America.[1] As more and more people turn to fitness and sport to protect their health, the market for sports nutrition supplements continues to expand outside of just the traditional athlete. Reflex Supplements helps you become a part of the growing demand for sports nutrition supplements. We provide you with the trusted brand, business support, buying power, and experience to turn your passion for fitness into a profitable career!

What is the process to Own A Reflex?

Here are the steps to owning your own Reflex Supplement store:

  1. Do your research. We recommend starting at Why Reflex Supplements , and read the the remaining Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  2. Fill out the application and submit it back to us. A Reflex Supplement Franchisee Representative will contact you within 48 hours.
  3. Interview. We’ll set up a phone interview with you that allows us to learn a little more about your background, interests in fitness, relatable work experience, business background, personal and financial goals. This also gives you a the opportunity to get to know us better, and we’re happy to answer any questions you still might have on owning your own Reflex Supplement store. We want you to walk away from this conversation feeling like you have a solid understanding of what to expect from owning a Reflex Supplement store.
  4. Sign the paperwork. If chosen as a franchise we’ll get you to sign all the applicable forms, and get the process started to opening your very own Reflex Supplement store.
  5. Get to work. It’s time to start building, learning, and getting everything ready for opening. It usually takes about 4 to 6 months to get your own Reflex Supplement store ready to go.
  6. Open the doors. You are your own boss. You are living your passion. You own your own Reflex Supplement store.

Where Should I Open a Reflex Supplements Location?

Choosing a location often is the hardest part, but our team is always there to help you make the right decision. Often people’s first choice is in an area they live or have grown up. Although this does have some advantages, our experience has shown that the some of the most successful owners are the ones that re-locate to a new market.

When you begin looking always make detailed notes of your competition, where fitness clubs are located, high traffic corridors, the population, and the age demographic of that particular area. These markers will be used to see how strong of an area you have chosen. If you are looking to build a career in this industry and are willing to relocate for the best opportunity we will always have a list of the top prospects to choose from.

Are their specific territories or exclusive areas that are assigned?

Single Stores for Single Reflex Supplement Franchises:

You will be given an exclusive territory in which to operate. This territory will chosen by taking into account population, travel lines and other factors like fitness clubs, and competition. We go to great lengths to ensure our franchises will be successful and profitable, and your territory is an important factor.

Multiple Stores:

Once their first store is successful many of our franchises opened second, third, and even fourth locations. For those franchises who qualify, we have a program to help them rapidly establish multiple locations to build local market dominance. This program will help you to avoid some of the issues and minimize the growing pains associated with owning multiple locations. Although there are many similarities, each store is unique and owning multiple stores brings different challenges than running single location. There are volume discounts for multi unit franchisees or Master Franchisees.

What is the square footage and size of a typical Reflex Retail location?

Square footage is typically 500-1,000 sq feet

How much does a typical franchise cost?

The initial investment for owning your own Reflex Supplement store is $91,000-$200,000k.

What is the royalty structure?

Royalties are 6% on gross sales.

Does Reflex Supplements help with financing?

At this time, Reflex Supplements does not assist with financing options. However, we will be looking at this as we continue to grow across Canada.

How long is the wait for approval?

Approval takes 2-4 weeks.

How long does it take to build a store after approval?

Typically the process runs about 4-6 months in total, from application to site confirmation to opening day.

We go to great lengths to try to ensure you are aware of all that is entailed in becoming part of Team Reflex to ensure a happy and successful partnership in the future.