Sid Akbari

Delta, BC

Meet Sid

I was always active from a young age playing soccer and rugby. I was fortunate to have many inspirational figures around me that motivated me and inspired me to get into fitness. I have been weightlifting since I was 16 years old and when I was 21, I was in a major car accident that left me broken for months. I hired a personal trainer and went through months of intense rehabilitation and eventually worked my way back to healthy. That’s when I decided I wanted to help others change their lives for the better and become the best version of themselves!

I have been in the fitness industry for 7 years and I have worked with over a thousand different people with unique goals, body types and injuries. The last seven years of my life have taken me on the most amazing journey. Along the way I met incredible people, each with their own dreams and aspirations. I have tremendous passion for fitness and I strive to become the best possible version of myself everyday. I transfer that passion and love for fitness into helping my clients discover their full potential and achieve the goals they thought were impossible.

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Sid Akbari Team Reflex
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Favorite way to sweat

Playing a full game of soccer or rugby!


Meek Mill Workout Mix

Place to visit or travel

Maui – Hawaii

Extra Motivation

I look up to others that have made it to where I want to be.


ALLMAX Whey Protein


4 sunny side up eggs, hash browns & avocado


Rice cakes with almond butter & honey


Roasted chicken breast, brown rice & broccoli


Eye of round steak, sweet potatoes & asparagus

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