Nicole Downie

Tsawwassen, BC

Meet Nicole

My name is Nicole and I have been an athlete for the majority of my life. I grew up in Tsawwassen, BC and was involved with multiple sports teams starting at a young age (soccer and competitive swimming were my two main sports). Once I was in high school, I decided to join the gymnastics and rugby team as well.

I started consistently weightlifting in 2012 with the thought of maybe one day competing in bodybuilding. In November of 2016, I competed in my first bikini bodybuilding show – I fell in love with the sport and lifestyle! I have done 3 shows, 1 Muscle Insider Model Search and currently in prep for my 4th show that will take place in July 2018.

In my spare time I enjoy skiing in the winter, hiking and laying beach side in the summer. I’ve coached gymnastics for roughly 9 years and am a BCRPA certified trainer/group fitness instructor. There is no better feeling than motivating and pushing my clients to their full potential!

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Nicole Downie
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Nicole Downie
Nicole Downie
Nicole Downie
Nicole Downie
Nicole Downie
Nicole Downie
Nicole Downie

Favorite way to sweat

A solid workout session, stair master or hiking!


I switch between 90’s and early 2000’s throwbacks. Rap, Techno type music and every now and then can jam out to some good country tunes.

Place to visit or travel

I lived in Ghana, Africa for 6 months after I graduated high school. It was one of the best experiences of my life for sure and I’m itching to go back!

Extra Motivation

When I look back at how far I have come during my fitness journey, that’s what motivates me to keep going and pushing to achieve my goals. Living a healthy active lifestyle is what I do and love – I couldn’t imagine my life any other way!


Currently, I’m in love with ANS BCAA’s as well as Beyond Yourself AMRAP or Amino- IQ. You can’t go wrong with Magnum’s Pre4 and protein powder!

Nicole Downie

Protein pancake

1/3 cup of grounded down oats
½ cup egg whites
½ scoop protein powder
1 spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder
Dash of cinnamon


Eggs with avocado and spinach on toast




Throw a bunch of veggies together to make a salad, add some chicken or lentils, nuts and spices!


Roasted chicken, roasted veggies and potatoes

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