Justine MacDonald

Cochrane, AB

Meet Justine

Pj’s, workout clothes, scrubs, sweats REPEAT. All day everyday.
My name is Justine, and during the day you can find me working in the ER at the hospital as a Registered Cardiology Technologist where I am responsible for doing all immediate cardiac diagnostic testing on patients in all CODE & Trauma situations. And a night you can find me at the gym! Guaranteed!

I have always been into fitness in some sort of capacity my entire life. From dancing at an elite & prestigious level for the Queen, to representing Canada at the World Cheerleading Championships in 2009, I have always loved excelling at whatever I put my mind to.

I fell in love with bodybuilding and fitness competitions back in 2017 when I realized the amount of discipline and dedication it took. To be able to be in a small percentage of people who actually can follow through with competition prep and get on stage is exactly why I do it. Not everyone can do it. I love being able to push and challenge myself to become better daily.

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Justine MacDonald

Photography by: Mark Derry – @markderryhttps://www.markderry.com/

Justine MacDonald
Justine MacDonald
Justine MacDonald
Justine MacDonald

Photography by: Mark Derry – @markderrywww.markderry.com

Favorite way to sweat

Lifting! Being at the gym. Being in the zone. The sweatiest days are leg days (go figure) or any day I end my workout with HIIT sprints… which tends to be everyday!

I love early morning fasted cardio sessions on the treadmill or stairmaster (yes, I’m one of the few weirdos out there that love that machine). This has become a part of my daily routine on or off competition prep – I am part of the 5am club 🙂


Cash Cash – Finest Hour

Cheat Codes – Balenciaga

Sigala – Sweet Lovin

Place to visit or travel

I love spending my summers in Kelowna. Greece & Italy are next on my travel lists!

Where do you find motivation?

I always say this. I don’t always have motivation, but I do have discipline and the discipline outweighs the motivation everyday.

Things that do help contribute to my motivation are Podcasts, motivational speeches & my friends. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by friends who are constantly pushing one another to grow and be better. They are a driving force for me to push myself, challenge myself & they really do motivate and support me.


BCAAs and Glutamine for recovery and protein powder.

Justine MacDonald


Without a doubt always my egg whites and oats with natural peanut butter.


Chicken, rice & avocado – sometimes the simple things are the best.


XL ground beef meatballs with veggies and brown rice.


0% Plain Skyre Yogurt with cinnamon and Walden Farms syrup topped off with 80% dark chocolate. This helped curb all my cravings throughout prep!

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