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My name is Julie England, I am 37 years old, I am a wife and a mother and I manage a residential group home for developmentally disabled adults in Squamish, BC. I have been weight training since I was about sixteen years old. I was always too shy for team sports, so lifting weights in the gym has always been my happy place.

In 2007 I stopped training all together. I was a happy person but I was also overweight, it was physically uncomfortable and I often felt tired. In 2014 (7 years later), I decided to get my fitness back and started regularly training in the gym. At that time I was the least fit person in the gym but I knew that if I gave myself an entire year of consistent exercise I would be ok. Six months into my fitness journey I hit a plateau so I started training with Jessica Lamarche at Club Flex Squamish and we decided to prep for my first bodybuilding competition as a fun way to get me back into fitness! I had so much fun at my first show and I completely fell in love with the lifestyle. The discipline and dedication that is required to train for a competition in both the on season and the off season is very rewarding and it has positively affected so many other aspects of my life.

Four years later and I am now a nationally qualified figure competitor getting ready for the Vancouver Pro/Am in July 2019 and I am more motivated than ever!

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Julie England
Official member of #teamreflex
Julie England
Julie England
Julie England
Julie England
Julie England
Julie England

Favorite way to sweat

Deadlifts & Squats


Right now I’m really liking Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

Place to visit or travel

Anywhere with a beach and a gym!

Extra Motivation

My family is my number one motivation in my life. I also have a great group of friends whom I have met at my shows and we support each other especially on social media.


I alwaysssssssss have Mutant Iso Surge Chocolate Chip Mint whey protein from Reflex Squamish

Julie England


Off season: Protein shake and protein granola with natural peanut butter
On season: Protein shake and oatmeal


I am always eating rice cakes, especially the caramel ones


Salad with Chicken


Stir fry or homemade burgers

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