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My name is Julie, I’m a wife and mother and I work for Sea to Sky Community Services as Residential Supervisor. I absolutely love family life and my career working with developmentally disabled adults is a lot of fun. Fitness has also become a huge passion of mine and I’ve been training for competitive bodybuilding for about five years now. Over the years I have had both wins and losses in competition and have really grown to love the sport and the fitness community. The process of setting a very specific goal and then the challenge to complete it is extremely rewarding and empowering.

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Julie England
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Julie England
Julie England
Julie England
Julie England
Julie England
Julie England

Favorite way to sweat

Weight training will always be my favourite, my back is my favourite muscle group to train. I love a muscular back!


I listen to every and anything (except for country) and my playlist is constantly changing with my mood.

Place to visit or travel

I love to go somewhere hot like Mexico or Las Vegas but my daughter wants to travel to Europe so that will be our next destination.

Extra Motivation

I am motivated by setting specific goals for myself.  For 2020, my goal is to continue to improve my physique and my conditioning to compete again in 2021. I find so much motivation from my fitness friends I’ve connected with in the gym and also at competitions. I also love that there’s a huge fitness community on Instagram and I often go there for motivation. I’ve witnessed people becoming discouraged by comparing themselves to others on social media but I don’t believe in any of that. I was raised to be happy for the success of others and jealous behaviour is unacceptable and unhealthy.


I ALWAYS have F2C Nutrition Pharma Pure protein powder in banana flavour. It is by far the best protein I’ve ever tried.

Julie England


Always start my day with a protein shake after the gym followed by my coach’s prep pancakes or toast (depending on my goals)


I almost always have salad for lunch with protein, usually chicken


We like tacos


I love my rice cakes with peanut butter so much lol

Healthy Dessert

My favourite healthy recipe is my coach’s prep pancakes which consist of one cup of egg whites, one banana, and a half cup of whole oats blended in a blender together (I like to add cinnamon as well) then cooked well and let rest on cooling rack before eating with Panic Pancakes sugar free calorie free syrup from Reflex.

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