Jennifer Roberts

Cranbrook, BC

Meet Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I have recently earned my IFBB Pro league card at North Americans!

I have my group fitness and resistance training certification with AFLCA. As a personal trainer, I work with athletes that want to compete in bodybuilding competitions.

My full-time job and young family are very demanding on my time however, I prioritize my health and wellness and never skip my daily workout or cardio session. I have been an athlete my entire life and I strongly believe in living a healthy lifestyle which includes working hard, fueling my body properly and taking the right supplements to reach my goals.

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Favorite way to sweat

My favourite way to sweat is definitely outside! Whether it is running in the nature park, biking the mountain trails or hiking up our local ski hill.


I don’t listen to music when I work out, I dig deep and focus on the mind/muscle connection.

Place to visit or travel

My favourite places to travel are South Africa and Australia.  We are fortunate to have family in both countries so we have lots of reasons to visit and stay awhile.

Where do you find motivation?

My motivation comes from within.  I strive to be the best version of myself and to inspire as many people as I can to live a healthy lifestyle for their own personal wellness.


I wake up every morning and drink a pre-workout drink with Taurine before I hit the gym.  I consume a BCAA drink during my workout and finish with a Diesel Protein shake. You will always find CLA and Leucine are supplements that you will always find in my cupboard to assist with lean body composition.

Mackenzie Agnew


Oatmeal and egg whites


Chicken stir fry with rice and vegetables


Baked veggies, baked yams and spicy chicken or fish


We love the protein ice cream at Reflex!

Healthy Dessert

My favourite healthy cheat meal is a winner by a long shot, protein crepes with homemade sugar free strawberry sauce and fresh blueberries.

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