Jason Bell

Delta, BC

Meet Jason

My name is Jason and I am elite strength coach and master trainer located in Surrey, BC. I have experience in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman and training collegiate level athletes. I bring an unprecedented approach to improving my clients’ fitness levels by investing time into constantly upgrading my certifications and taking new courses to ensure I have the knowledge to care for their individual needs. I always develop diverse training systems that are guaranteed to improve my clients health and fitness regimes.

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Jason Bell
Jason Bell
Jason Bell
Jason Bell
Jason Bell
Jason Bell

Favorite way to sweat

Hiking and adventuring


Russ – Do it myself
Godsmack – Sex love pain

Place to visit or travel

Kelowna, British Columbia

Extra Motivation

Through visualization – every tough time is a test of character.


BCAA!!! It’s a must on workout days and not.

Adam Braidwood


Scrambled egg and turkey bacon breakfast wrap


Extra lean ground beef, white rice and spinach


Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites


Wild Atlantic salmon fillet with steamed vegetables and brown rice

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