Jason Bell

Delta, BC

Meet Jason

I am an independent Personal Trainer who has chosen to distinguish myself by truly practicing what I preach. My experiences from sports such as football, powerlifting and bodybuilding, has given me a well-rounded base of knowledge. With some prior accomplishments such as setting the BCPA 105kg squat, deadlift and total records, as well as being deemed top 5 pound-for-pound lifters in the province at the 2016 Gord Pronick Invitational Powerlifting Competition. I came 2nd in my first ever bodybuilding competition at the 2017 BCABBA Kelowna Classic in the Heavyweight Bodybuilding category where I managed to lose 53lbs in 2.5 months. All while managing to find time to volunteer coach the North Delta Longhorns Football Club. I aspire to show the world people can be strong, aesthetic and athletic all at the same time with proper structure in their regime.

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Jason Bell
Official member of #teamreflex
Jason Bell
Jason Bell
Jason Bell

Favorite way to sweat

Hiking and adventuring


Russ – Do it myself
Godsmack – Sex love pain

Place to visit or travel

Kelowna, British Columbia

Extra Motivation

Through visualization – every tough time is a test of character.


BCAA!!! It’s a must on workout days and not.

Adam Braidwood


Scrambled egg and turkey bacon breakfast wrap


Extra lean ground beef, white rice and spinach


Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites


Wild Atlantic salmon fillet with steamed vegetables and brown rice

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