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My name is Heinz and I am a 28 year old nationally qualified bodybuilder. I live in a small town in north-eastern BC. If I’m not at the gym, I’m usually either heading there or just leaving (haha)! In my down time, I enjoy picking up sushi or ice cream with my girlfriend and our great dane. Life is pretty quiet and routine here but I love it!

Bodybuilding has been a strong focus of mine for many years now. I was always interested in the sport, even as a kid, seeing as my dad spent most of his time at the gym as well. It wasn’t until I turned 19 that I fully submerged myself into bodybuilding and a few years later my other hobbies became nonexistent as I pushed myself to do my first bodybuilding competition. I was certainly hooked after walking off stage with a first place trophy in my hand at my very first show!  In 2018, I competed in two shows, the IFBB Pro Qualifier in Toronto and the Vancouver Pro/Am. I took home second place from Toronto and third in Vancouver. For 2019, I plan to take a break from competing to put on more size and hopefully move up a weight class in 2020.

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Heinz Leber
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Heinz Leber
Heinz Leber
Heinz Leber
Heinz Leber
Heinz Leber
Heinz Leber
Heinz Leber
Heinz Leber

Favorite way to sweat

I can always rely on the stairmaster to make sure my shirts are soaked in sweat!


That’s a tough one as they change from day to day! I mostly click random on Spotify and start my workout.

Place to visit or travel

My favourite place to unwind is anywhere in the BC Okanagan (especially Summerland). I have lots of friends and family in that area and with the hot weather and beaches, there’s no place better for me!

Extra Motivation

Motivation comes from the support I receive from my friends and family. Without their support, I would have a much harder time pushing through the exhausting days of prep.


Protein powder! I always have a few different flavours on hand but a good chocolate isolate protein is always close by.

Heinz Leber

Protein Pancakes

1 scoop of your favourite protein powder
1 cup rolled oats
2 eggs
1 cup egg whites
Mix all ingredients in a blender and cook in a pan. Top off with either natural peanut butter or calorie free pancake syrup… yum!


A few whole eggs with egg whites, a slice or two of whole grain bread and depending on where my diet is, either turkey bacon or thick sliced bacon.


I love having 1 cup of oats with a scoop of peanut butter chocolate protein mixed into it! Quick and easy to make and tastes delicious.


Lunch is pretty basic – I will generally stick to chicken, rice, asparagus and avocado. I use all sorts of spices and sauces to add variety to my meals.


I wish I could have sushi every night but that’s not the case! My go to dinner is chicken or salmon with sweet potatoes, some veggies and maybe half an avocado for some extra fats if I need them.

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