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My name is Denika Garrick and I have been a cheerleading and tumbling instructor for 12 years and a certified personal trainer for 4 years.

I have been a competitive cheerleader for 12 years and have competed at the Cheerleading Worlds in Florida 11 years in a row. I have been on the Canadian National Team 4 times and have won gold for Canada 4 years in a row. It has been an absolute blessing having the opportunity to represent our country doing the sport I love and training with our country’s most talented and hardworking athletes.

Competitive cheerleading is now recognized as an olympic sport, and I will be working hard to represent my country at the olympics in the near future!

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Favorite way to sweat

Playing sports!


Can’t Give Up Now- Mary Mary
Masterpiece – Jessie J

Place to visit or travel

Orlando, Florida… because of World Championships Competition!!

Extra Motivation

Writing my goals down and putting them up where I can see them everyday and writing action plans to achieve those goals. I also celebrate any small successes that gets me one step closer to achieving my goals!


Vega Sport Protein and Vega Clean Energy


2 eggs, mixed vegetables and mixed fruit and fresh juice or a smoothie


Nuts, bananas, avocado, protein bars


Protein shake, salmon, spinach salad with mixed vegetables and rice


Seafood with rice or quinoa, mixed vegetables and a protein shake

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