Sarah Carrier

Lethbridge, AB

Meet Sarah

I am a busy mom of two boys, ages 11 and 8, both of who are very active. I also own my own business, and work more than full time – so you could say I’m always on the go!

I have always been somewhat of an athlete, competing in figure skating, playing school sports, or just working out in the gym.

In 2014 I started to compete in fitness competitions and currently have five shows under my belt, placing top 5 in all of them. My growing shelf of trophies and medals keeps me motivated to push harder and stronger every day to fulfill my goals! I believe anything is possible, and that balance in life is a huge key to success.

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Official member of #teamreflex

Favorite way to sweat

HIIT sprints on the treadmill or steady state cardio on the Stepmill


Titanium, by David Guetta

Place to visit or travel


Extra Motivation



Definitely a crazy selection of Branch Chain Amino Acids! I also love all of the Magnum line! Haven’t tried them all yet but plan to!

BCAA slurpee

Made in a magic bullet – fill cup with ice and one scoop of Mutant (my fave) BCAA (any flavour!), add water and blend. Guilt free, calorie free slurpee on a hot summer day!


Oats, cinnamon, sugar free vanilla syrup


Canned chicken breast with tzatziki sauce and mini cukes cut up, mixed and spread on a rice cake! YUM!


Typically salad with chicken, avocado, Dijon dressing


Steak, potatoes, grilled veg

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