James Arko


Meet James

I’m a 23-year old athlete currently live in Kamloops British Columbia.

Growing up, I played baseball, rugby, and a little volleyball. Baseball was my passion throughout high school and into first-year university. But eventually, I chose to get a career under my belt and focused Heavy Duty Mechanics.

I’m also musically talented knowing how to play the guitar, bass, saxophone and I can manage to keep a rare beat on the drum set. I’ve been working out since I’ve been 14 years old. Not only is it something I love to do, but it’s my form of therapy to help get rid of unwanted stress or anxiety. It’s my passion, and I’m chasing this dream harder than any other dream I’ve chased.

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Favorite way to sweat

I switch up cardio, throw on some gloves and hit the bag. 20 minutes and I’m drenched. Focusing on core, really contract the muscles when throwing body shots.


Anything by Eminem or a little metal during my lifts, during cardio I like to listen to some upbeat hip hop mixes.

Place to visit or travel

My 3 top places I like to travel to are anywhere on Vancouver Island mainly Long Beach or Victoria, Florida, and Royun- Noranda Quebec, where my Dad’s mom lives.

Extra Motivation

Comes from my family – they’re always there supporting me no matter what. Especially my mom, she taught me to always follow my dreams and to always work hard. She’s my biggest motivator, and she’s looking down on me watching me achieve my dreams and goals.


Protein powder is an essential in my post-workout routine. Another supplement I always have isn’t stored away in my cupboards, but in my fridge; Egg whites. I use them in my shakes, pancakes, and breakfast.


Kodiak Pancakes with peanut butter.


Chocolate Chip Rice cakes with peanut butter on top.


Ground turkey, brown rice, and depending what greens I have it’s either broccoli or spinach.


During prep a couple times a week is Steak with yam potatoes and asparagus, Not during prep would be pasta with a cream sauce and garlic toast, or slow cooked ribs !! Haha the list could go on.

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