Angelique Halliday

Calgary, AB

Meet Angelique

My name is Angelique and I have always been active, always loved sports and the outdoors has been an escape from the craziness of life. Born into a large family (8 siblings), I was homeschooled for my junior years and into high-school up until graduation. I became an independent girl with responsibilities and love for my siblings. I passed with a 98% average and certificates of academic achievement. I moved to Calgary, AB in 2014 after my graduation from high school without any idea as to what may or may not come next in my life. All my trust for success was in God.

I was introduced to the gym soon after I moved to Calgary. My love and drive to reach my goals has only escalated since then. I did not think much of competing in bodybuilding at first but when I decided to give it a try, I knew that I could not stop. The drive, the dedication, the results, and the rewards are just amazing. I placed 8th in my very first show. I knew I wasn’t done so with my new coaches I decided to compete in the regional Winter Open show in February 2017 where I placed 1st and overall. Following this show I prepped yet again for provincials (yes, two full 16 week back to back shows!). I placed 1st and overall again in provincials in June 2017 and I took 5th in the nation a week later at the CBBF National in July of 2017.

My goal for 2018 is to compete in the Pro shows with the hopes and dreams to win my pro card!

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Favorite way to sweat

Stairmaster cardio and weights! Summer sports include hiking, swimming, volleyball, biking, etc! Winter sports include skating, snowboarding, sledding, etc.


Anything with a good beat! Hip-hop, Tomorrowland, Eminem, Rap, Pump up gym motivational music.  I love variety!

Place to visit or travel

I love traveling to the mountains here in Alberta whenever I have the time to. I hope to travel much more next year. I’m looking to travel to Europe, Belize, Mexico and more!

Extra Motivation

My motivation is all around me. I find it within myself, in people striving hard to reach their goals around me, my family, my fiancé, my friends etc.


BPI SPORTS Supplements. I am one of their brand ambassadors!

protein muffin

1 scoop of protein powder
egg whites
a dash of baking powder
Mix in a bit of water to a smooth consistency and microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute. When done, top with peanut butter. Perfect late night snack for that chocolate craving!


Egg whites with ketchup and a side of oatmeal topped with peanut butter, bananas, cinnamon and Waldens Farms syrup! My fave!


Plain Greek yogurt topped with cinnamon, banana, peanut butter and Waldens Farms syrup. Soooooo delish!


Chicken, rice and veggies topped with soy sauce. Meal prep is da bomb.


Red meat (usually ground beef) with rice and veggies!

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