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Hi my name is Andrea! I am 25 years old, I was born in Brazil and I’ve been in Canada for 4 years now. As a Brazilian, I’ve always had a passion for fitness, sports, and health. I grew up in a family of martial art competitors, so early in life I began working out and taking care of my nutrition. Some of my favourite activities that I did growing up were zumba dancing, kickboxing and surfing. I am the oldest of 5 siblings, so I’ve always taken care of my little brothers and sisters and I am really good friends with them. I have a big family so making new friends and being part of a community is such a big deal for me! That is why I love Calgary and the fitness community here so much.

While in Brazil I worked in the Pharmacy field, and that’s what I graduated in. But as I came to Calgary and decided to take fitness to a competitive level, I started a new fitness journey, lost 50lbs, and took 2nd place in a natural bikini competition. That’s when I knew my journey was just starting and that I wanted to empower people to follow their dreams and become the best version of themselves. I became an online fitness and nutrition coach certified with the ISAA, and that’s what I do full-time, alongside competing and chasing my IFBB pro card.

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Favorite way to sweat

Stairs! Lifting weights makes me sweat a lot too, because I love supersetting my exercises, but I REALLY do get a sweat when I’m on the stairmaster! I love alternating steps, going sideways, skipping a step, or sprinting in the stairs. Makes me feel so good and adds muscle tone to my quads and glutes!


When I’m at the gym, I love listening to trap, house, progressive house music, it keeps me motivated to crush my weights! My favourite is Vintage Culture – Memories (any song from this DJ is awesome!)

Place to visit or travel

Brazil for sure! I know it’s home, but it’s so huge and beautiful with the beaches and hidden paradises, the music and food, there’s always a new place to discover.

Extra Motivation

Within my vision and my goals. When I think about what I want and how far I’ve come to create a better life for me and my family in Brazil, I feel motivated. It also comes when I see the people around me, and my clients, grinding for their own goals, focused in their own journeys, I feel inspired by people and places.


Beyond Yourself Chocolate Banana whey protein! It’s a really delicious flavour and I like to mix it with my oats, my protein pancakes and waffles, or just my shake with banana.

No bake pumpkin energy balls

Grind ¼ cup of oats into a flour
In a bowl, mix the oat flour, ¼ cup of rolled oats, 1 tbsp of honey, ½ scoop of your favourite protein powder, and 10-15g Krisda chocolate chips
Add 1-2 tbsp of peanut butter and mix, then slowly add water 1 tbsp at a time until you get consistency to form balls
Add some Flavour Gods Pumpkin Spice mix (for flavour) and mix well
Roll into balls


Oats with protein powder, almond milk, blueberries, peanut butter, and Walden Farms Pancake Syrup.


Scitec Nutrition Protein Pancake mix in White Chocolate Coconut flavour. I also do this as waffles.


Rice with chicken, veggies, and salsa.


Makeshift shepherd’s pie with extra lean ground beef, mashed yams, corn, peas, onions, and carrot mix.

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